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TRUTH All personnel of TBC de Mexico will use solely, both inside and outside the Company, the truth to communicate themselves. For no reason will TBC de Mexico use lying or cover the truth in order to make a sale. Internally, TBC de Mexico can accept human errors, but no lies.

CUSTOMER SERVICE Willingness to perform the job according to the customer’s needs and expectations. People who possess this value are characterized by:
-Giving friendly and kind attention.
-Being interested for the customer as a person, leading to the proper behavior and the necessary actions in order to surpass the expectations.
-Understanding the customers’ needs and providing a solution for each.
-Performing any additional efforts to surpass the customers’ expectations.

HONESTY This value must be applied to all the activities we endeavor. It is characterized by a lean performance that doesn’t look for the personal benefit over the interests of the company. It includes communicating intentions, ideas and feelings openly and straightforwardly, willing to take honest actions even in the middle of difficult negotiations with external agents, keeping congruency between the actions and the words.

COMMITMENT AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT We define commitment as the unconditional dedication of the personnel who by means of their talent and creativity, fulfill the company’s goals and objectives. This requires personnel who is responsible and committed, capable of making things happen, promoters of the collaboration and harmonious work.
TEAMWORK Is the capability of working together to achieve common goals. We are known for: - Clearly identifying the team’s objectives and orient our work towards their resolution. - Willing to work with others. - Give preference to the collective interests rather than the personal ones.